Closed Doors

* Transitional Group and Theatre Kolegtyw, "Closed Doors" (Białystok)

18:30, BOK, Café Fama (10 zł)


Inspired by the drama "At closed doors" J.P .Sartre


Director, drama development: Tomasz Gilewicz

Choreography: Karolina Garbacik

Dancers of Transitional Group: Dorota Baranowska Kasia Jankowska Adam Bartoszewicz

Music: The Glitch Mob, Venetian Snares, Autechre, Christian Fennesz, Jan Jelinek

Video art: alco.dudes

Light: Adam Etel

Production: Studio Działań Kreatywnych Danceoffnia


Not crater with valleys of fire, but flat, hotel room, shop, or office. Not a demon with horns, but simply another human- wife, lover, colleague, friend. This is the hell that we make each other the best. Hell of the everyday life in our families, confusing and complicated relationships. Hell at home, office, or at pub table. Because "hell is other people" and all around.


Performance of "Closed doors" is inspired by the drama "At closed doors" JP Sartre. Through dance, multimedia, and without a single word it was presented a meeting of the three, apparently, quite ordinary people. The longer they stay together, the more unbearable they are for each other and unexpectedly from each story life emerges a grim mystery.


The performance was achieved in the framework of Scholarship Project of President of  Bialystok city, “Young Creators "


Transitional Group -for years the only group of contemporary dance in Białystok and Podlasie, which regularly creates performances and presents them to the local scene and around the country. Transitional Group Dancers are highly individualized persons who by improving their dance skills in the art of contemporary, classical and jazz techniques create a new quality on the stage, both in terms of choreography, as well as construction of performance characters.  Work of the group is based on the pursuit of a specific agreement between the body and mind. This is mainly done through common dance exploration of new, unique contents by including improvisation, or partnership. The originality of the Transitional Group also relies on constant re-finding inspirations in undiscovered or forgotten, the existing estate of culture, such as painting, photography, music, finding a new inspiration in yourself. During 10 years of the existence, Transitional Group has produced 12 performances. Involvement in the process of creating choreography and determination of each of the dancers has always allowed to create interesting, emotional, and thus a very human, close to all of us pictures and stories. Transitional Group collaborates with artists from country and abroad, participates in dance projects, shows, is involved in the process of raising awareness of the local community about contemporary dance and its allied fields.