Jazz Dance Forth and Back

* Kielce Dance Theatre, Jazz Dance Forth and Back "(Kielce)

19.00, Drama Theatre (seats reservation).


Duration: 70 minutes

Idea: Elizabeth Szlufik-Pańtak

Choreography: Bill Goodson

Costumes: Anna Czyż

Set design and lights: Grzegorz Pańtak

Performance: Kielce Dance Theatre

Narrator: Elizabeth Szlufik-Pańtak

Dancers: Katarzyna Barańska, Ewelina Barwicz, Anna Budnicka, Marlena Drężewska, Małgorzata Grzywińska, Alicja Horwarth-Maksymow, Barbara Karol, Anna Kmiecik, Judith Kowalczyk, Ewelina Kubot, Monika Kuc, Nina Lach, Aleksandra Pietrzykowska, Katarzyna Skrzyniarz, Elżbieta Szlufik-Pańtak, Agata Twarowska, Aleksandra Zatorska, Karolina Ziółkowska, Małgorzata Ziółkowska, Artur Bajll, Tomasz Barański /gościnnie/,Tomasz Dziuba, Benoit le Gros /gościnnie/, Piotr Górski, Bartłomiej Łącki, Paweł Michno /gościnnie/, Grzegorz Pańtak,Tomasz Pietrzykowski, Marek Stawiarski, Michał Stoch, Zbigniew Zasada


 JAZZ DANCE Back and Forth is invaluable, paraphrased artistic jazz dance history lesson in the Western world - from its roots to modern jazz and new style. Meeting with the great figures of world music and dance, such as Leonard Bernstein, Josephine Bakerczy Missy Elliott. Another transformation of jazz dance highlighted by historically stylized costumes and music of those years ...


The author is a world well known American choreographer Bill Goodson, who has worked with major figures of the contemporary pop scene, such as Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Diana Ross, and Gloria Estefan. The presentation is the culmination of many years efforts of Elizabeth and Grzegorz Pańtak to create in Poland the repertoire and the group with a truly thrilling energy of jazz. JAZZ DANCE Back and Forth is the fruit of these efforts, completed in collaboration with the choreographer, who gainedgreat experience not only in the styles of jazz with the stars of pop culture, but also in the best theaters revue of the world, such as the Moulin Rouge, or dance entertainment programmes such as: Italian television, and original descriptions of American modern jazz and musical , for example: West Side Story.


The premiere took place on 12 and 13 December 2009.


The performance was produced by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie. "Promotion of Kielce and Swietokrzyskie region through the arts festival," co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program of Świętokrzyskie.2007-2013.