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Friday 02/25/2011

21.00, BOK, Café Fama (5 zł)


 Movement (R) evolution Africa,

Joan Frosch, Alla Kovgan, USA, 2007; 65 '



In an exposition of Choreographic Astonishing fomentation, nine African Choreographers from Senegal to South Africa tell the stories of an emergent form of Articles and Their diverse and deeply contemporary expressions of self. Stunning choreography and Riveting critiques constantly challenge stereotypes of "traditional Africa" to unveil soul-shaking responses to the beauty and tragedy of 21st century Africa. Among the artists appearing in the film are Teri Company Kongo Ba (Burkina Faso), Faustin Linyekula and Studios Kabako (Democratic Republic of Congo), Company rary (Madagascar), Sello Pesa (South Africa), Company TchéTché (Côte d'Ivoire), Company Raiz di Polon (Cape Verde), Company Janta Bi (Senegal) and Kota Yamazaki (Japan), Nora Chipaumire (Zimbabwe), Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and members of Urban Bush Women (USA). This feature-length documentary is produced and directed by Joan Frosch and co-directed and edited by Alla Kovgan.



Alla Kovgan, David Hinton, Movement Revolution Productions (USA), UK, Mozambique, 2008; 35 '


FILM received major awards in Europe SCREEN DANCE FESTIVAL Interestingly, during 2010 in Amsterdam: Dioraphte Cinedans Jury Award and first prize in the category Screen Choreography> 15min.


"Nora" is based on true stories of the dancer Nora Chipaumire, who was born in Zimbabwe in 1965. In the film, Nora returns to the landscape of her childhood and takes a journey through some vivid memories of her youth. Using performance and dance, she Brings Her history to life in a swiftly-moving poem of sound and image. The result is a film about family dramas, Difficult love affairs and militant politics, Which moves back and forth Between the comic and the tragic, the joyful and the Mournful. It is a movie about a girl who is embattled Constantly - Struggling against all kinds of intimidation and violence-but who slowly gathers strength, pride and independence. Entirely shot on location in Southern Africa, "Nora" includes a multitude of local performers and dancers of all ages, from young schoolchildren to ancient grandmothers, and much of the music is Specially Composed by a legend of Zimbabwean music - Thomas Mapfumo.


ALLA KOVGAN (director) Alla Kovgan is a Boston-based filmmaker, born in Moscow (Russia). Her films and films That she co-directed have been presented worldwide at the Fair for the Sundance, Rotterdam, Toronto, Melbourne, Durban, Oberhausen, Clemont-Ferrand, PBS (U.S.), ZDF (Germany) and numerous others. In 2007, she co-directed, wrote and edited the Emmy-nominated "Traces of the Trade" and in 2010, she edited "My perestroika." Both films Saw Their premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and were broadcast on PBS POV Since 1999, Alla has been Involved with interdisciplinary collaborations - creating intermedia performances (with KINODANCE Company), dance films and Documentaries about dance Such as "Movement (R) evolution Africa" together with Joan Frosch. Alla's projects have been supported by the Open Society Institute, the LEF Foundation, Trust for Mutual Understanding, the Bank of America Celebrity Series, Among others. Since 2000, she has taught and curated dance film / avant-garde cinema worldwide as the Programmer of St. Petersburg Dance Film Festival KINODANCE (Russia) and as a co-Curator of Balagan Film Series (Boston). In 2009, Alla was Awarded the Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship and a Brother Thomas Fellowship for artists working at a high level of excellence and creativity.


DAVID HINTON (director) David Hinton is a director who has made many Documentaries for British television. His subjects have included artists of all kinds, Fair for painter Francis Bacon, the film-maker Bernardo Bertolucci, writer Alan Bennett, and choreographer Karole Armitage. He has made films about Also Dostoyevsky, rock and roll, visual comedy, and the Cultural Revolution in China. He is best known in the dance world for DEAD DREAMS OF MONOCHROME MEN and STRANGE FISH, his film versions of stage shows by DV8 Physical Theatre. He Also has a performance films made with Adventures in Motion Pictures, the Alvin Ailey Company and the Royal Swedish Ballet, and he has collaborated with Several Choreographers to create original dance works for the screen. He has twice won British Academy Awards for his Documentaries, and his dance films have won many awards, Fair for a Prix Italia, an Emmy, and the IMZ Dance Screen Award.


Introduction and host of a conversation about the movies:


Sonia Nieśpiałowska-Owczarek- president of the Dance Theater Foundation, culture expert, she graduated from the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University. For eight years she was in a contemporary dance and contact improvisation. From 2002 to 2007, co-founder and artistic director of the International Dance Theater Festival in Lodz. Since 2003, the curator of film programs, dance festivals, film clubs and cultural centers. In the framework of the specialization in Animation Culture IKP UW she took an internship at Odin Teatret in Holstebro Eugenio Barba in Denmark and the Laboratory of Creative Education in the CSW in Warsaw. Curator of the film program "New Horizons of Dance '(2007) and the installation of' “Mirror Me” of New Zealand artist Shona McCullagh (2008) at the International Film Festival Era New Horizons in Wroclaw and the project' Dutch dance films on tour '(2007). She worked as a producer and coordinator of the Kaleidoscope Festival and Hip Hop Groove Festival Białystok in 2008. Since 2007, producer of four editions of the International Festival of Dance Improvisation Sic! in Warsaw. Since 2009 she has been a coordinator of exhibitions in the Museum of Art in Lodz.