Northern Sky

* Takako Matsuda, "Northern Sky" (Japan/Poland)

17.30, BOK, Kino Forum, spektakl  (15 zł)


Choreography: Takako Matsuda

Written, spoken: Takako Matsuda

Music: Meredith Monk, Charles Ives, Tangerine Dreams

Costume: Tsuneko Toriumi  


This is an contemporary dance performance about an human nature in urban city life. Human has unlimited space of darkness inside of each mind. Its under your conscious which you do not even realise. Its like a northern sky on a unknown northern land. In huge enmptyness and pure power of nature, darkness and brightness melt into together. Silence is talking to your desire, no matter how do you behive.  While everyday I eat, I sleep, I laugh,  and I sing. I feel a northen sky exist inside of me. I am attructed to get dissapaired into this mystical space, as if I did not exist, and it is not a big deal.




Takako Matsuda- graduated from TishShool of Arts New York University. Takako has created and worked as a professional dance artist mainly in New York, Japan, and Finland since 2001, participating at dance festivals and performances. She is a granted artist from Cultural Agency of japan 2004. Takako also teaches her own japanese contemproary dance workshop all over europe such as Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Poalnd since 2007.