* Anna Piotrowska, Joanna Chitruszko, "changes (AA)of weather" (Warsaw)

17.30, BOK, Forum Cinema, perormances (15 zł)


Concept, choreography, directed by: Anna Piotrowska

Creation and performance: Joanna Chitruszko, Anna Piotrowska

Music: Radek Jasiński, Daniel Baranowski
Voice: Jakub Snochowski

Production: eferte_ Development Dance Foundation, Anna Piotrowska

Partnership: Garrison Command Club Warsaw

Premiere of a work in progress: Bialystok, Kaleidoscope 2011  


Changes (AA)of Weather - hysterical not historical thing, variability in the monotony, lack of land, the ground of current amplitude. Descriptions of weather phenomena that don’t have strictly periodic nature. Fluctuations in average values during the period. Temperature of armpit, pressure of knee, humidity of breath, sunshine of heel, the amount of rainfall - elusive and variable rates. “Changes (AA)of Weather” causes hysteria that causes unjustified fears about the functioning of the parts of your body.



Anna Piotrowska / Warszawa / '74 Qualified dancer, choreographer, director and teacher of contemporary dance, Founder and CEO of the Development of Dance Foundation(eferte), founder of "mufmi" in Warsaw. Originator and coordinator of many national and international educational and cultural programs. She made more than 50 performances. Winner of "SoloDuo Dance Festival”(Budapest 2005/2006), a juror SoloDuo (2007-2010). Scholarship holder of British Council Awards 2004 - Young Polish Arts Entrepreneur. Producer of performances of dance theater. Member of jury of TVP2 Creative Valley programme in the areas of dance and animation of culture. She has performed on stage in Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Palermo, Stockholm, and at the most important festivals of contemporary dance in Poland (Warsaw, Bytom, Kalisz, Lublin, Gdańsk, Poznań, Białystok, an others.). She appeared many times at SoloDuo Dance Festival (Budapest, 2005-2010). In February 2008, she produced two productions for the Polish Dance Theatre in Poznan : "farfalla" and "6 / 9." Implementation of movement in the theater and puppet theaters in Szczecin, Krakow and Legnica. Guest of APAP VI program, advancing performing arts project. Currently,she works with artistic circles in Norway, Italy, Hungary, Sweden.  


The phenomenon of Anna Piotrowska’s creativity is closely linked to the attitude she represents towards art of contemporary dance. This is not only the effects of the whole wide range of contemporary dance, above all because it is going beyond the known and developed methods of working with the material of dance. On the one hand, as viewers, we are plunged into a constant and organic world, on the other, we open ourselves to new experiences. These new experiences are the result of an unconventional approach not only to the structure of matter of movement but also to the dancers. A good relationship, which Piotrowska builds and suggests between her and her dancers are accompanied from the very first meetings. At the same time, however, confidence appears and students trust her then, what allow them learn from her. The result is that rehearsals  become an extremely intimate, there is the same time for practice, as for conversations. There is the same number of movement commands, as written. The subject is studied  deeper, still explored. Thus the final effect, that choreography is a unique record of experience of road of risk. The viewer becomes witness not only of the performance but a huge, gained by the all participants of performance, experience. It affects  in the unique way on results of working. The original movement and the intangible atmosphere of secrecy takes the viewer to the land of empathy, in which no brain, but senses dictate conditions of experience. To be Subjected to it, is namely to watch and see, watch and laugh, watch and cry, and finally watch and feel with body a tension of Piotrowska’s performances. Iwona Pasińska - theater scholar, dancer, teacher, choreographer, she graduated from National Ballet School in Lodz, was the first soloist of the PTT in Poznan



JOANNA CHITRUSZKO / BIAŁYSTOK / '76 Vice President of the Podlaskie Association of Dance, Vice President of the Voice Foundation. Dancer, teacher of contemporary dance, cultural animator, organizer of events related to dance: The Kaleidoscope Festival since 2001, Hip Hop Groove Festival from 2008 and 2009, Free Mind Festival 2010 in Bialystok, the Festival SIC! 2010 in Warsaw. Since 1995, she danced in numerous award winning projects and performances, the Dance Theatre and Dance Theatre Project Alter. She has participated in performances with Leszek Mądzik ,she worked with the Theatre  Usta Usta/2xu show "Erosion - Architecture, Paintings." Currently working with Anna Piotrowska.