All Types of Production

FRIDAY, 25.02.2011


* Raw Art Society,''All Types of Production "(Białystok)


18.30, Alpha Center (free)


Choreography, Concept: Dorota Baranowska

Dance, creative forms: Raw Art Society Alicja Gościewska, Marta Lewkowska, Justyna Lapin, Katarzyna Samojlik, Gosia Polkowska

Music: Beethoven Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major, Rossini IIBarbiere di Siviglia ,

Video: Tomek Narewski / Nerwus

Production: Danceoffnia             


"All Types of production .." is the latest performance of the young Society of Bialystok contemporary dance scene TSS. Realized by Dorota Baranowska show is an original, abstract form ,full of absurd situations and strive for the ideal and race for efficiency. The heroines at the border of dream and reality compete in the crowded commercial world events.


Raw Art Society is a group whose interests revolve around contemporary dance, theater and performing arts. Our objective is to seek the interesting scenic forms of expressions  and finding new opportunities in our bodies.


RAS was founded in 2010. Choreography "The entire strength" was honored at the National Contemporary Dance Confrontations in Konin and the Festival of Contemporary Dance Young Forms in Mragowo