About the Festival

This year, the eight edition of Kaleidoscope festival will bring surprise, fascination and admiration. The festival re-focus series of activities related to contemporary dance and will ask, and perhaps once again will find the answer to the question about man's place and significance in the modern world.


Invariably, as every year, dance performances will be presented in the space of a typical stage, and, exceptionally this year , in the informal public spaces. Thanks to them we can again lean on simple activities that build our lives, we will see the story told by the movement and eventually we can be provoked to have a look deep into each other ... Intensive dance workshop with the techniques of modern dance will bring reflections including the relation between the quality of movement to the direction of following of our thoughts. Meetings with academics will carry us into the world of reflections on some relationships, including: fashion, dance, or the dictates of the body of the movement. An evening of dance theater will give us the opportunity to look at dance as a sign of public opposition. And visual arts, included within the Festival, will look at dance from behind the camera lens or the movement captured in the line of finely pencil.


As every year, thanks to Podlaskie Association of Dance, Kaleidoscope Festival offers a great opportunity to commune with art activities at the highest level, which this days will become unique everyday life for dancers, instructors, photographers, and most of all viewers.