Zona Segura

* Małgorzata  Haduch, "Zona Segura" (Poland)

20.00, BOK, Café Fama (10 zł)


Concept, choreography and performance: Małgorzata Haduch

Lights: Jan Cybis

Music: Andy Moor & DJ Rupture, Kaffe Matthews

Artistic care: Hooman Sharifi

Production: Arts Stations Foundation





fot. Jakub Wittchen


... And this weird sound from somewhere inside.

... The birds were silent on the rest of the afternoon ... I have never experienced such a strong silence.

... Some helplessness, no control, ease of injuries and lack of sense of safety.

... Fear, silence and peace.

…State of emergency

... reminds me about  life.


"Porque si no hay pelea no va a amancer ..."


Zona Segura - a solo was achieved in the framework of artistic residence Solo Project 2009 in Poznan / Art Stations Foundation. Since its premiere in May 2009, "Zona Segura" was shown in Poznan, Warsaw, Bratislava (NU Dance Festival), Berlin (TanzTage) and Dresden. Collaboration with the light director, John Cybis, is a key part of this performance, where the harsh game between brightness and darkness play a major role in the experience of this performance, both for audiences and a dancer. Music, like in other Margaret’s performances, , is a powerful engine of the movement, energy and emotion. "Zona Segura” was once again inspired by the music of Andy Moor (The Ex), this time with a duet with DJ Rupture and Kaffe Matthews. Every time, Malgorzata takes new challenges on the stage, touching the unknown spheres "Zone ...", crossing new bordes, retaining the intensity and surprising herself and the viewer. It's an emotional solo, and constued by the audience as a very honest, minimalist, consistent, brave and moving.

Here is some of my friend’s description:

"Being alone in the space, where you invite in the beautiful and sincere way" For Margaret the most important drive of this performance is a state of emergency, which becomes a joyful motivation to live.


Part of the review from the Berliner Zeitung:


"(...) As part of that evening, Małgorzata Haduch is experienced  a moment later, whose body is transformed into a terror machine acquirer. The machine that vibrates and pants in the undescribable way and seems to be not to stop. At the beginning Małgorzata was on the stage in black top and black gym shorts, and her arms were contacted, though otherwise it was not possible, as she wanted to hide. After a while, she opened up nimbly, flexibly straightening up and pulling the breast. She was it doing forth and back: two forces, which combat each other so hard, that there was no measure .(...) Michael Schlagenwerth, Berliner Zeitung, 14.01.2010


Margaret Haduch (1978) – graduated in School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam; she works independently as a choreographer and dancer, directs plays, curators and organizes events related to contemporary dance and improvisation in countries such as Poland, the Netherlands, Peru, Chile, Brazil. Małgorzata is the initiator of artistic collective Unfinished Company, which brings together international artists from different fields of art-contemporary dance, music, video, photography. Unfinished Company performs regularly in Unfinished Company haveplayed so far: Andy Moor (The Ex), Wilbert de Joode, Michael Moore, and Marcos Baggiani i Tetterapadequ, and the dancers Makiko Ito, Jouni Järvenpää, Melissa Cisneros, Kenzo Kusuda , Kirstine Kyhl Andersen and Marysia Stoklosa. / unfinishd

Her way of looking at dance was shaped by artists such as Katie Duck, David Zambrano, Robert Steijn, Homan Sharifi, Michael Schumacher and Carles Salas, who significantly contributed to her experience as a choreographer and performer. Other important projects that have shaped the individual theatrical language of Margaret are: working as guest choreographer at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow (Scotland 2007); choreographic project with the Peruvian theater group Deciertopicante (Tacna / Peru, 2008 *; production: Embassy Theatre / Hivos Netherlands), an international program of Dance WEB (Austria 2009 *) Solo Project (Art Station Foundation, Poznan 2009) and "50 Days Costa Rica" - David Zambrano’s championship course in Costa Rica, where she spent 50 days as the only one Pole, along with 50 artists from around the world participated in a unique event for the first time organized on this scale. (Costa Rica 2010 *)


* Projects co-financed by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute - Polish Culture in the World